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San Jose, California
Socorra is a singer-songwriter from San Jose, California. She is a drummer turned guitar player, bringing her blues-driven indie-rock sound to the Bay Area. Suffering from stage fright at a young age, she didn’t start performing in front of people until she was 18 years old when she was recruited to be in an acapella group her freshman year of college. Throughout her college years she explored songwriting and performing more before joining the Peace Corps in Morocco in 2010. During her volunteer service she had opportunities to perform all over Morocco, discovering ways to connect with people through music.

After serving in the Peace Corps, she took an internship at an independent record label where she was more inspired to step out from behind the scenes and put out her own music. She has opened up for acts like Blues Traveler and Fantastic Negrito and has released two EPs, Break and Coming Home Soon. The later released in February 2020.